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About Well2 Products

Well2 is Adelaide’s premier Natural Health Team specialising in Women’s health, fertility and IVF support. The clinic is committed to using the most up-to-date medical research knowledge to underpin traditional healing therapies, resulting in a powerful combination of modern science with natural medicine. Since its beginning in 2005, Well2 has assisted many hundreds of couples to achieve pregnancy, and has supported those and many others through their journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Today Well2 is Adelaide’s most respected natural health clinic and is recommended by leading IVF specialists in South Australia.

In 2010 Well2 launched their range of Baby and Pregnancy skincare products which were designed specifically for the clients of Well2. These professional level products use only the very purest of natural ingredients brought together with scientific knowledge and clinical expertise. Well2’s extensive clinical experience with Mothers and Babies has placed them in a unique position to create this exquisite range of products, making them the most natural and effective mother and baby products on the market.

Our Ingredients

At Well2 we care passionately about the quality and ingredients of our products. We use only the very highest quality natural and organic ingredients so that we produce the very best products.

Pregnancy and Baby products

Well2 Pregnancy and Baby products were designed by Naturopath and Director Karen Martin. These products usethe purest, most natural and organic ingredients. We have taken Nature’s best and expertly crafted it until the products were perfect. The products contain pure natural and organic base oils and ingredients blended with scientifically validated herbal extracts. The result is simply stunning.
As well as caring about what our products contain, we are just as passionate about what they don’t contain. There is no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, talcs, parabens or phthalates.
All our products are vegan friendly and are certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia (CCF). Our products contain no animal derived ingredients and we do not test on animals.

Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas were developed as a range of 100% organic, low or no caffeine teas, giving our clients a beautiful range of teas to use as replacement for standard tea or coffee. We have a wide range of flavour profiles to suit many tastes. So no matter why you are reducing your caffeine intake, you are sure to be able to find a great tasting organic drink to suit you. The 100% organic, all-natural ingredients give the teas beautiful bold fresh flavours.
Our herbal teas are all hand blended by our naturopath from 100% certified organic ingredients.There are no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. The teas contain no animal derived ingredients and are vegan friendly.