Improving Fertility and IVF Success
Improving Fertility and IVF Success
10 May, 2018

Whether you’re just starting your fertility journey, have been trying for a while, or are going through IVF, a Fertility Support Consultation at Well2 is an important thing to do. This is a one-off session conducted by our Naturopath and will review your individual case, providing recommendations on your specific needs. 

In this session we will cover fertility diet recommendations, stress reduction ideas and lifestyle impacts on fertility.  We’ll also do a full review of any supplements that you’re currently taking to make sure they’re correct for you and that the dose is appropriate.  We’ll also talk to you about anything else you could do to increase your chances of conceiving.  We encourage people to come to this appointment as a couple, but if you prefer to come along on your own that’s also fine.

When it comes to fertility, the internet is full of myths and misinformation. It can be really difficult sorting through what’s true and what doesn’t work.  The internet really doesn’t take into account your personal medical history and other information. What’s correct for some people isn’t always correct for you.  There’s many well-meaning people ready to share what they know, but often that information is only partly correct.

Small diet and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on fertility if those changes are correct for you as an individual. Internet ‘fertility diets’ usually involve huge change and very restrictive eating plans, and usually these diets do little more than add to your stress level, and this is not something you want to do if you’re trying to conceive. Diets that are overly restrictive also increase your chances of becoming deficient in key nutrients which can affect your chances of conceiving, and impact the baby’s health when you do fall pregnant.

Herbs and other supplements can be useful when you’re trying to conceive, but if they are the wrong supplement for you, or if the dose isn’t correct then those products can be slowing down your conception. If you’re going through IVF you need to be particularly careful with herbs and supplements as many of these will interact with your IVF drugs and impact your IVF cycle.  The comprehensive supplement review that is part of the Fertility Support Consultation will give you confidence in what you can take and knowing what you should take a break from.

Our Fertility Support Consultations are conducted by Karen Martin who has over 25 years experience as a naturopath assisting couples to conceive.

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