Meet The Practitioner: Heather Valente
Meet The Practitioner: Heather Valente
1 Nov, 2018

Heather Valente – Acupuncturist

If you ask Heather what the most important thing in her world is, she’ll very quickly tell you it’s family. She’s an amazing mum to two gorgeous kids aged 10 and 8, and with the support of her wonderful husband Morrie she manages to juggle everything around some long days in clinical practice.

Heather grew up in Illinois in the US. After she finished school she went on to Arizona State University where she studied Exercise Science. It was actually in Arizona where she first encountered Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture when she was seeking treatment for an injury, and she was particularly impressed with the results. As well as improving the injury, the acupuncture also made her feel great generally. However it wouldn’t be until she came to Australia that she would formalise her interest in this area.

Dance and physical exercise have always been a big part of Heather’s life. She studied and performed classical ballet all through her school years . While she was at Arizona State University she studied Contemporary dance within her Exercise Science degree. During this time she also regularly competed in half-marathons and triathlons.

After completing her exercise science degree Heather travelled to Sydney with her brother for a holiday, and it was here that she met her future husband Morrie. Heather moved to Sydney to be with Morrie, and it was there she followed her dream to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at UTS in 2006. When the kids came along they moved back to Adelaide to be closer to Morrie’s family, and we were very excited when Heather joined us here at Well2 in 2012.

When she’s not working Heather loves cooking, and really enjoys preparing interesting and healthy family meals. Heather has continued her passion for physical exercise through regular yoga classes. On the weekends the family often spend their time together hiking their favourite trails through the hills. Heather loves adventure holidays, and her favourite trip was in 2016 when the family went to Alaska.

Heather’s extensive experience has given her strong clinical skills. She particularly enjoys working in the area of women’s health, fertility and IVF support. Her background in Exercise Science, dance and physical exercise have imparted a special interest in treating musculoskeletal problems, particularly back and muscle pain. Heather’s beautiful, caring nature will put anyone at ease.

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