Misha Amour
Misha Amour
Misha Amour

BHSc (Acupuncture)

Misha is a qualified, registered acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner with a clinical interest in three main areas: fertility and IVF support and women’s health; male fertility and men’s health; and musculoskeletal issues and sports injuries.

Before Chinese Medicine reinvented his life, Misha was a mathematics major and IT technician. Misha has carried his inquisitive nature and love of systems through to his acupuncture practice. Working with Misha you can expect a desire to engage in dialogue, and a focus on your personal experience. He loves to describe, explain and give reasons to get on board with his suggestions.

Misha has a strong clinical interest in fertility, with experience across all areas of female and male reproductive problems. This includes all associated areas of women’s health and hormones. He is passionate about male fertility and men's sexual health because he believes that these domains are too often overlooked in our culture and that it is time that more people seek the help they need for such conditions and feel comfortable doing so.

Misha loves to work with the body and orthopaedic problems whether it’s a lingering injury, a recent injury, or preventative treatment. He has a hands-on approach and frequently includes manual therapies in his treatment approaches; gua sha (scraping), cupping, Chinese massage, and craniosacral therapy. Being passionately into sports and exercise himself, he loves working with people who love to move, and don’t want injury to keep them from doing what they enjoy.

In his spare time Misha can be spotted jogging in a local park, or spending quality time with his daughter and wife. He loves being out in nature, diving into a good book, and cooking for friends and family.