First Visit

At your first visit we will need you to fill in a Patient Information Sheet. This form gives us important information about you and the reason for your appointment. The form will take a few minutes to complete, so it will help if you can arrive at least five minutes early so you have plenty of time to fill this in.

In general, you don’t need to bring anything with you. If you have any relevant test results, xrays or scans from your doctor these may be useful. If you don’t have these, it doesn’t matter. Your practitioner will talk with you at the beginning of your first session to make sure we fully understand your needs.

If your first visit is with our Naturopath, please bring any medication, vitamins or herbal medicines that you are currently taking.

If your first visit is with either our Psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan or our Dietitian under a Team Care Arrangement, please bring all relevant paperwork with you, or phone us the day before to ensure we have received it from your doctor.