IVF Acupuncture

If you are going through IVF you want to give yourself the very best chance of becoming pregnant.  Acupuncture is an important adjunct therapy that will not only help you achieve your best chance of successful IVF treatment, but will also help you through the IVF process itself.  With more than a decade of direct experience in this area Well2 is recommended by Adelaide’s leading Fertility Specialists and is Adelaide’s trusted clinic for IVF acupuncture.


Why the choice of acupuncture clinic matters

If you’re choosing an acupuncture clinic for your IVF, there are a number of things to consider.  IVF support is a very specialised field and the therapist treating you needs to be skilled and experienced in this area.   IVF can also be stressful, so a caring and understanding practitioner can be the difference between and good experience and a poor one.  Practitioner availability is also important, both for lead up sessions and for your embryo transfer day.

Well2 has specialised in IVF acupuncture for more than a decade and is the acupuncture clinic recommended by leading IVF Specialists in Adelaide.  Our acupuncturists are highly skilled and experienced in IVF support and have many years of experience in this specialised field.  We have acupuncture appointments available from Monday through Saturday as well as out of hours appointments during the week.  Embryo transfer day acupuncture is a priority with us at Well2 because we know embryos can’t wait.


How acupuncture helps IVF success

There are now many research studies that have been conducted showing acupuncture can increase the success rate of IVF.  These studies have measured a number of different outcomes, ranging from pregnancy rates, live birth rates, and how women coped with the IVF process itself.  In essence, if you do acupuncture with your IVF cycle you are more likely to conceive, more likely to carry the baby full term, and more likely to feel relaxed and positive throughout the IVF process.


How to get started with acupuncture for IVF support

For IVF support, the ideal time to start acupuncture is somewhere around one month before your IVF cycle begins.  If your cycle has already begun acupuncture will still be beneficial, so book in as soon as you are able.  If you are coming from the country or interstate we will do our best to fit in acupuncture treatments around other appointments you may have in Adelaide.

For IVF support acupuncture treatments are usually conducted weekly, subject to your individual requirements.  On the day of embryo transfer a double treatment is conducted, one before and one after the transfer.  A final treatment usually occurs around 2-3 days afterwards.

Day-of-embryo-transfer acupuncture is usually booked as closely as possible around your IVF transfer appointment, so it is important that we know whether you are with Repromed, Fertility SA, City Fertility Centre or Flindersfertility so that we can calculate travelling time.


What else you can do to help with IVF success

A healthy diet, appropriate exercise, reduced stress levels and maintaining a healthy body weight can all help you achieve a successful outcome with IVF.  Our IVF Support Page has more information.