Muscle and Joint Problems

If you have muscle, back, neck or joint problems you know how problematic they can be.  The good news is that many of these conditions respond well to therapies such as acupuncture and massage, which means that you can get relief from pain and get back to doing things again.  At Well2 our practitioners are experts in their field, experienced and caring so you can be assured you are in the very best hands.

Acupuncture is effective for pain relief in musculoskeletal problems and there are many research trials supporting this.  Acupuncture can be used for muscle soreness, upper or lower back pain, neck soreness or joint pain.  Chronic conditions like post-surgical nerve pain, arthritis and bursitis can often be relieved with acupuncture.  At Well2 we often combine acupuncture with other treatments such as Bowen Therapy, cupping or Tui Na (Chinese Massage) to get the best result with musculoskeletal problems.  Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Remedial massage is perfect for relieving muscle tension and soreness and increasing flexibility and range of movement.  Back and neck pain, sciatica, and muscle soreness respond well, and our massage therapist can advise on additional measures like stretching to assist with recovery.  Regular remedial massage can help prevent problems where you have regular stress placed on an area.  This can range from lifting and carrying to sitting at a computer for extended times.

Herbal medicines and other supplements can be used as adjunct treatments to acupuncture and remedial massage.  These supplements help with inflammation, pain and encourage healing.  Your practitioner is able to make individual recommendations for supplements based on your current problem, history, and any other medication you may be taking.

Why the choice of clinic matters

If you’re choosing a clinic to help you with musculoskeletal problems you need access to skilled practitioners with different areas of expertise.  You need a clinic that can give you a choice of treatments ensuring that you get the very best result.  Knowing that the clinic uses treatment methods that have been validated through scientifically sound research trials gives extra reassurance. A caring and understanding practitioner can also be the difference between a good experience and a poor one.  Well2 has an experienced, caring team of practitioners who have been assisting people with musculoskeletal problems for more than a decade.  We will ensure that you get the very best care.

How to get started  

Start by calling us at Well2 to discuss your needs.  One of our friendly practitioners will be able to chat to you, establish the best starting point for you and make the appointment.