Natural Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a wonderful time filled with expectation.  For some women pregnancy is a relatively easy time, but for others is can be a little more difficult.  It is normal to experience a few minor problems along with the joy and expectation of the arrival of your child.  If you do experience a few problems, you want the best possible care.   Many natural therapies are available to assist with some of the changes that you might experience during pregnancy.  These options include acupuncture, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy and massage.  Many women are also concerned about their weight during pregnancy, trying to balance the correct amount of weight gain with optimal nutrition for their growing baby.

Acupuncture can assist you with many pregnancy related problems.  When administered by a qualified professional with experience in pregnancy care, it is an extremely safe option with no side effects.  Acupuncture can help you with nausea and vomiting, back and hip pain, stress and anxiety, tiredness, and constipation.  Some women experience carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy and acupuncture can offer relief with this condition.  Specific acupuncture and moxibustion treatments can encourage babies in breech position to turn.  Acupuncture can also be used to prepare your body for birth, and to encourage the start of labour if this has not begun by the due date.

At Well2 we specialise in pregnancy massage.  Massage is a wonderful treat to give yourself during pregnancy (or any time).  It can also give relief to sore and aching muscles and backs.  Massage during pregnancy also helps with relaxation and stress control, both of which are important during pregnancy.  At Well2 we use a custom designed pregnancy massage bolster which gives you full support and enables the therapist to access to the lower back area so that you can get full benefit from your massage.

Most people are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy.  Our dietitian can guide you through appropriate weight gain whilst ensuring you receive optimal nutrition for your growing baby.  If you are vegetarian, vegan or have other special dietary needs our dietitians can help you make sure you are getting the right amount of key nutrients to support your pregnancy.

There is increasing research evidence that hypnotherapy can provide an effective form of pain relief during  labour, as well as imparting other benefits.  Hypnotherapy can reduce the likelihood of labour induction, reduce the incidence of post-natal depression, and decrease the amount of pharmacological pain control required.   Hypnotherapy is safe and easy, and our clinical psychologist can teach you self-hypnotherapy techniques to use during the actual birth process.

Why the choice of clinic matters

If you’re choosing a clinic to support your pregnancy naturally there are a number of things to consider.  Natural pregnancy support  is a very specialised field and the therapists treating you needs to be skilled and experienced in this area.   During this time a caring and understanding practitioner can be the difference between and good experience and a poor one.  Well2 has specialised in natural pregnancy support for more than a decade.  Our practitioners are highly skilled and experienced with pregnant clients and have many years of experience in this specialised field.  So you can feel assured that you are getting the best care from the most experienced and caring practitioners.

How to get started  

Start by calling us at Well2 to discuss your needs.  One of our friendly practitioners will be able to chat to you, establish the best starting point for you and make the appointment.

 As a final note, we would just like to remind you that treatment that you receive at Well2 does not replace the care that you receive from your Obstetrician, GP or midwife.  If you are pregnant we expect that you will be receiving regular care from a Medical Practitioner.  Some pregnancy complications are serious or have the potential to become serious and should not be treated with natural therapies.  We are always happy to communicate with your chosen medical practitioner if you would like us to do that.