Pregnancy Massage

Your body undergoes many changes when you are pregnant.  As your baby grows, it takes up space and changes your centre of gravity.  This puts stress on your back, neck and abdominal muscles, causing discomfort and sometimes even becomes painful.  Muscles in these areas tense up in an attempt to stabilise and protect the area.  Pregnancy hormones also cause ligaments to relax.  This can cause instability in your pelvic joints and changes in your posture.   Massage releases the tension in the muscles and gives excellent relief from the body aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy is common, and responds well to massage.

As well as aches and pains, massage during pregnancy has many other benefits.  It improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, reducing edema and fluid retention.  Pregnancy massage significantly reduces stress hormones leading to reduced anxiety and improvements in mood.  Sleep is often improved from the reduction in muscle tension and stress. Many women report increased energy levels following pregnancy massage, probably because it allows them to completely stop, rest and rejuvenate for a short time.  Regular pregnancy massage has also been demonstrated to improve labour progression with potential for lower intervention during labour.

Massage treatment is both safe and beneficial at any time throughout pregnancy, provided your massage therapist is fully experienced in this area.  If you have had complications with your pregnancy, or have a high risk pregnancy you should check with your obstetrician prior to booking your massage.

Massage is also an important part of post-natal care.  Post-natal massage helps ease aches and pains which may have surfaced during labour, helps with stress and mood, and allows a few precious moments for the new mum to just take some time out, be pampered and have her own needs met, so she can go back to her baby refreshed and rejuvenated.

Comfort during pregnancy massages is very important.  At Well2 we use a specially designed pregnancy bolster fitted to the massage table.  This bolster is shaped to allow you to lie face down for part of the massage, and has space and support for your belly and breasts.  This allows the massage therapist access to your back and hips.  This bolster is superior to the cut-out tables which in some circumstances can contribute to uterine ligament stretching.  In the third trimester as your belly size increases, the massage therapist will position you on your side with appropriate props for your massage.


Why the choice of massage clinic matters

If you’re choosing a clinic for pregnancy massage, there are a number of things to consider.  Pregnancy massage is a specialised field and the therapist treating you needs to be skilled and experienced in this area.  A caring and understanding practitioner can also be the difference between a good experience and a poor one.  Well2 has specialised in natural support for pregnancy for more than a decade and all of our practitioners have many years of experience in this area.  We will ensure that you get the very best care.

How to get started  

Start by calling us at Well2 to discuss your needs.  One of our friendly practitioners will be able to chat to you, establish the best starting point for you and make the appointment.